Tuesday, May 12, 2009

USCIS Receipts and Approvals : How to Amend Misspelled Name?

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If you recently applied for H1B FY 2010 and received your I-797 receipt, there is a good chance that in excitement, you may overlook some spelling mistakes or wrong printed information. Please do not overlook this fact, as it can be detrimental later on, especially if mistake is present in I-797 approval notice.

It may be easy to amend these mistakes early on, until petitioner's I-797 is not approved. USCIS do acknowledge that few errors occur when scrutinizing so many applications every year. If one realizes that their name is misspelled or there is some other error in the receipt, individual should call the National Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to request a correction. USCIS customer representative will take the information to correct the error.

Though this may be easy at Receipt level, correcting mistakes will not be that straight forward after an application is approved. In such cases, individual should contact above contact number to follow the correct procedure. In some cases representative might ask you to file an I-824 Application for action on an approved application.

Individual can also call in the following sequence for typo rectification on any of the notices.

Press 1 (for English)
Press 2 (to skip introduction and go to main menu)
Press 2 (For case status)
Press 5 (if there is any typo in any of the notices/receipts)

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