I-485 Case Tracker ONLY for Applicants whose Priority Date is 'Current'

Please use I-485 Case Application Tracker for your case ONLY if your Priority Date recently became 'Current' in previous visa bulletin and you recently got approved or still pending. Please note that your "Name" cannot have duplicate entries. Data once added will allow editing only few field.

Goal of this tracker to track approval time after getting current and efforts individual has to take before receiving approvals. 

Please Fill the Form below to enter your application data

Database of I-485 Application Tracker
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Anonymous said...

Any one who got current in July Visa Bulletin received I-485 approval email?

CM said...

No approval for these two days are little concerning but if we do not see some approvals starting tomorrow then it may be a sign of bad omen which means less movement. Who knows. Fingers crossed. hopefully Demand Data is released tomorrow or on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Received my GC in the mail today. PD Nov 2006. EB2. Current in July 2007 Bulletin.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone knows in which order USCIS will issue GC once the date is Current ?

Anonymous said...

My PD is 04/06 in EB3 at TSC, I am current since May 2012, for 10 months now...called for SR in January, their reply is if I don't hear from them in 180 days I should call again. I don't understand this long wait, is there anything I can do ? Some people suggested to ask help from my congressman.

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