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'Hard' vs 'Soft' LUD - How to use it to track your case status with USCIS?

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If you heard people talking about keeping track of 'Soft' and 'Hard' LUDs on forums and other websites, and wondered what it is, now you can understand what is LUDs and how you can use them to track any activity on your petition that is pending with USCIS. LUD is an abbreviation for 'Last Updated Date'. In order to track any activity on your pending petition, you will first need to register an account with USCIS to check your case status online.

Here is a link to register for USCIS case tracking system. Once you are registered to the system, you will need to add each case you want to track based on receipt number on notice that you had recently received from USCIS. You will see your case as shown below. You can track LUD (Last Updated Date) on your case in column shown with red box below.

You can go into each case to check your status. USCIS allows an individual to setup an email or mobile alert to track case status update.

Hard LUDs
"Hard" LUD (Last Updated Date) is one where you see status update to your case. Example from "Initial Review" to "Decision". Here you know why case was updated; you can see the update status online. You can even get an email or mobile alert, if you had opted for this option. However, the status will only change if the USCIS updates your case from one to other (receipt notice, approval notice, request for evidence (RFE), notice of intent to deny (NOID), card production, or other documents) or on receipt of response to RFE, NOID or request to premium process the case.

Soft LUDs
"Soft LUD" is one where you will not see any change in status or get an email alert from USCIS. These are the internal activities that occur at USCIS. For example your I-485 case has been processed and ready to be approved, but USCIS could not approve it because your priority date is not current. Others like your fingerprints get added in the system, your background check results are received, your case was moved internally from one cabinet to other or moved from one service center to other etc. You can track this by logging into USCIS Case Status system and checking "Last Updated" column in your portfolio. If you know that you expect any update in your case due to FP or background check or your I-485 is about to process, you can track this based on "Soft LUD". But again, this is all based on guesstimate and no one other than USCIS knows what is the real reason behind the update. My personal opinion is that I would not lose my sleep over tracking Soft LUDs. You will never get anything useful from it.

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ichjoy said...

It is true that in watching how many times the USCIS checks the status?
thank you

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

SorrY I did not understand your question but if watching LUD will just bring anxiety but not approval . :-)

TR said...


I am a PWMB with late June 2007 and filed for AOS in Oct 2011.

The receipt was issued on Oct 17, 2011 (Receipt Date Oct 11, 2011) but my case # SRC12900126xx is still not showing up in the USCIS case status website. Looks like most of the cases in the range of SRC1290012000 to SRC1290013000 are affected. I called Customer Service center who asked me to send email to Webmaster, etc. but there has been no response. I have heard that many people (in forum) have the same issue. It looks like some batch problem but we can't sign up for case status update email / SMS.

Is this something your blog readers have experienced? Any suggestions from your end?

Thank you


CM_USNonImmigrants said...

Please send email to Webmaster Inc. Also take an infopass and talk to IO and see what can be done. This is very common with USCIS. DO not worry. Once you will email Webmaster Inc they should be able to fix it.

TR said...


Thank you. I will try the Webmaster and also the Infopass route.

In the meantime, my EAD / AP was approved last week and these cases started showing online but not the 485 case. Looks like all those affected will need to keep checking often unless one of the two routes work.

Thank you.


robertahner said...

Instantly check your case status with online. Enter your application receipt number to check your status with today.

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