Thursday, August 25, 2011

PERM Approvals & Processing Time : Q3 FY 2011

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Here is a break down of PERM data (certified and certified_expired only) that was processed each month for FY 2011 Q3. Data has been broken down among different PDs that were approved per month in Q3 FY 2011. As of now it looks like lot of audit cases until December 2010 are approved. Total 16,886 PERMs were approved in Q3 - FY 2011.

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In addition, please see distribution of PERM approvals segregated based on country of chargeability and category. Most of the PERMs filed in FY 2011- Q3 belonged to India and ROW. It is becoming apparent that with passing time, most of the individuals are filing their cases in EB2 category. 

PERM processing time as of 22 August 2011 is at May 2011 for new cases. Analysis of Q3 PERM approvals shows that last approved case in FY 2011 was with PD 3rd May 2011.  


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CM_USNonImmigrants said...

So Hurricane Irene is long gone and we are back up and running.

Here is the information on quick chat that I had with our lawyer friend. As per his info - “EB2-IC with PD post December 2006, who are still not pre-adjudicated or our PWMBs should not expect less approval for this fiscal Year. Most of the visa numbers available are close to be exhausted by EB1/EB2-ROW, EB3 approvals, and other remaining is expected to be used by EB2-IC strictly based on Priority Date. Any recent porting cases with old PD will see quick approvals and PD upto December 2006 will see approvals in order of PD depending upon visa numbers available. USCIS is currently working to inform DOS on prorated number of visas request that can be used and total demand post December 2006 that still needs to be catered. Based on available numbers, October VB will stay put or retrogress. Goal for USCIS is reduce oldest EB2-IC backlog as much as possible"

CM- The information presented here in should be taken at your own discretion. I have no other way of rationalizing this. Time will tell. Lately, his information has been pretty accurate. Good Luck.

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

HopefullyOctober VB will be OUT today. I really doubt USCIS will be in situation to provide any useful count on demand to DOS. I do not expect Demand Data to release this month, but we will keep an eye for it. I am more interested in demand data than VB for this month. Good Luck.

Luke said...

Demand Data used for cut-off dates released today,is there anything we can get from it for the prediction of the movement of the visa bulletin?

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

EB2-IC - 15 July 2007. Isnt it amazing.

Visa Bulletin released -

Luke said...

You were right again for EB3 R, M and P. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

CM , please let me know how it will impact Dec 4 2007 PD EB2 Ind date? When it might be current

Guest said...

CM Eagerly waiting for your OCT bulletin analysis

EB2_PD_Dec07 said...

Dear CM, please throw somelight on our excited and worried lives. PD Dec 07 Ind EB2 , 6 yr h1b expires June 2012 and my contract ends 3 months before that. I was hoping to file for I 485 before my H1B expires but doesnt seem possible . Lots of questions and some hope.

gcquest said...

Hello CM, I am new to this site and really feels like much educated on GC process after going through your blogs. Great work.

Can you shed some light on perm status 'certified_expired' ?

My understanding perm once approved will expire if I-140 is not filed with in 180 days. that is when status changes to 'certified_expired' but I heard people saying - their perm status is certifed_expired but they still got approved I-140. even you are considering the perms with 'expired' status in your above analysis.

please help me understand what exactly 'certified_expired' status mean ?

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

I am hoping that you can get current before they retrogress. If you will go back and see FB movement last fiscal year , it was 2 months every month before it was retrogressed. If DOS will use similar strategy then may be you and few folks in January could be last few lucky one who will get current in Q1 before dates retrogress. Now it all depends upon Mr. O !!!!

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

I am hoping that you might just become current before dates will retrogress.

CM_USNonImmigrants said...

When DOS system outputs data to publish (may be run SQL query) every year or quarter for public view, system will tag any certified PERMs which are filed 6 months ago as certified_expired. Please note that PERMs will be expired 180 days from approval but DOS system in SQL query tag any certified PERMs 180 days old from filing.

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